Why Windows Should Be Installed Correctly

Many homes have their windows replaced every twenty years, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to replace them even more often when they live in regions with overly hot summers or cold winters. As technology improves and a focus on energy efficiency grows, every new generation of a window is better than the last. Make sure your home is tapping into all of the benefits your new windows can bring by making sure they’re installed straight.

Why Windows Should Be Installed Correctly

1. The window will be hard to open.

Any pressure on the hardware or mechanisms of a window makes it harder to operate. A tilt makes the glass pane harder to slide up and down, especially if the edges use friction to stay locked in place. It can also twist parts of the frame if the window gap isn’t completely square.

2. Foundation settling can be catastrophic.

Windows are already the primary target for foundation settling damage. The corners of the frame are likely to develop cracks. The exterior sill can start to dip if the weight of the bricks is too high.

Even worse, because a tilted window is putting more pressure on either the exterior or interior wall, settling can create damage or gaps where water can leak inside the wall.

3. Unlevel installation creates unlevel molding.

Tilted, or crooked windows can be crooked in different directions. The top can tilt forward or back. The window can also tilt to the left or right instead of sitting square. In these circumstances, adding molding can emphasize the problem. Crooked lines near the floor’s baseboards are even more noticeable.

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