Why Are My Windows So Hard to Open?

It can be very frustrating when your windows won’t open easily. This problem wastes time, and you might even strain yourself in the process. There are several different reasons why a sash might refuse to open or only do so reluctantly:

Why Are My Windows So Hard to Open?


Dirt, dead insects, dust, paint flakes and other detritus can accumulate in a window over time. It gradually becomes harder for the sash to move up and down. Your window might just need a thorough cleaning. It could also benefit from subsequent lubrication.


If you have sliding windows, they’re a bit more complex than traditional units. They use rollers that can eventually fail and make the sashes much more difficult to operate. When lubrication doesn’t solve the problem, it might be necessary to install new rollers.


Amateur painters sometimes commit the mistake of painting windows shut. It’s very hard to force a sash open after it has been sealed in place. At a minimum, you’ll have to cut through the paint in multiple places before it will work normally again.


Are you having problems with a metal hand crank? If so, the unit may contain stripped or otherwise worn-out gears. You might need to replace them or the entire crank. It’s also possible that hinges and/or other screws simply need tightening.


If you have wooden sashes and/or frames, excessive moisture could cause rotting or warping. This may result from overflowing gutters, shower steam or a leaky ceiling. It’s imperative to fix or repair the wood before the frame becomes unusable or attracts wood-boring pests.

When problems with springs, cords, tracks, rollers, cranks or sashes call for expert home window replacement, Southern Windows and Doors can help. Please contact us today to learn more.