6 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Home improvement projects are often time-consuming and expensive. Most homeowners don’t think about replacing their windows until it’s absolutely necessary. How do you know when your home needs new windows? Here are six ways to tell.

6 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Damaged Window Frames

If the window frame is warped or damaged, replacing the window is the best solution.

Condensation On Windows

If you see condensation between the layers of glass, it’s a sign that the seals are broken and moisture is building up in between the glass panes. The broken seals allow air leaks, making your window less energy-efficient.  Your window should be replaced.

Difficult to Open and Close Windows

Windows that are unbalanced are difficult to open and close. They are also difficult to lock properly, which can affect your home’s safety. It’s best to replace your window in this situation.

Increased Energy Bills

Do you feel drafts coming from your windows? Do your energy bills keep going up? If so, your home needs new windows. Heat loss and heat gain through windows account for 25% to 30% of the heating and cooling energy that your home uses. Installing new, more energy-efficient windows can significantly lower your energy costs throughout the year.

Outside Noise

Insulation doesn’t just keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer—it also reduces sound from outside. Poorly-insulated windows let in excessive noise, not just drafts. Installing new triple-pane windows will cut down on that outdoor noise.

Your Home Needs a New Look

Windows are an eye-catching feature of your home. If your windows appear old and shabby, your home will, too. New windows are a great way to give your home a makeover and increase its curb appeal.

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