Got a “Foggy” Window?

Washing windows may not be your favorite job, but at least you get the pleasure of admiring a clean, streak-free window when you’re done — unless, that is, you’ve got a “foggy” window that has fog inside of it. Then, no matter how carefully you wash it or how great your technique is, it never looks the way you expect a clean window to look!

Got a "Foggy" Window? We Can Fix That!

What Causes Window “Fog” Inside an Insulated Window?

If your insulated window if fogged up on the inside, there’s obviously no way you’re ever going to get it clean. The culprit is a defective seal. Insulating glass is created by bonding two (or more) panes of glass together along their perimeters while maintaining a space (typically measuring 1/2″- to 3/4″) between them. There’s usually an outside seal and an inside seal, and when one of them “goes”, often the other one will take on a little double duty to make up for it — at least for a while. Inside the seal is a hollow tube that contains a substance that’s meant to keep any moisture that may have been inside the window when it was manufactured at bay, but when the seal fails and moisture gets in, that substance ( known as a desiccant ) becomes saturated and will no longer be able to perform that duty. At that point, a foggy window is pretty much inevitable!

Replace a Foggy Window

Contact Southern Windows and Doors (serving the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas) to replace your foggy windows. (Obviously, it’s not a job for the DIY enthusiast!) Complete customer satisfaction is what we’re known for, so why put up with the foggy window dilemma for another day? Contact us today or give us a call at 214-830-5809.