What Are The Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows?

Are you always feeling frustrated when the temperatures rise or fall outside? Do you ever find yourself unable to sit next to the window because it’s too hot or too cold? This should not be the case. No matter the weather, your home can remain comfortable with energy efficient windows. They are designed to trap desired temperatures within your home and lock out heat, humidity, and cold. Read on for more benefits of energy efficient windows.

What Are The Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows?

1. Lowers energy costs

According to Energystar, energy saving windows reduce the energy bill by about 12% nationwide. This is because you don’t have to rely exclusively on the HVAC system to control your home temperatures.

2. Increases insulation

The features of energy efficient windows help increase insulation by keeping the heat inside when cold and outside when hot. These features include multiple panes, inert gas compounds, and glass coatings. They block air leakage and heat transfer while minimizing noise from the outdoors.

3. Saves money

Heat gain and loss happens through normal windows resulting in 25-30% of heating and cooling energy needs. With energy efficient windows, you reduce the overall time you run your HVAC, thus lowering your energy bill and saving money in the process.

4. Protects your valuables

Your valuables are safe from the harsh sun’s rays that can cause fading when you have the energy saving windows in place. They lower the intensity of sunlight into your home’s interior.

5. It’s environmentally-friendly

Energy efficient windows reduce your reliance on HVAC systems given that some systems still use fuel or gas. They also shrink your carbon footprints (the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from your activities) by lowering your energy needs in the home.

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